Launching New Jewelry Collaboration



I am thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Alana Douvros, a collection of sculptural jewelry.  The collection is titled “Without End” and is comprised of 14 different pieces, all hand crafted in the USA using the traditional lost wax process.  The pieces consist of solid .925 sterling silver, Bronze, 14K gold vermeil, and 100% natural semi precious stones. The collection  aims to create precious pieces that make a statement about human existence, the importance of human connections and relationships, to each other and their world. These ties are strong, meaningful, profoundly deep and speak to what it means to be human.  It is a collaboration that searches for truth in the human condition of love and loss.  It acknowledges that if we stay honest and true; bonds with people can collapse and grow and prove that human connections have no limits, no boundaries and exist without end.

All of the pieces are now available for custom order at Alana’s website under shop/collaborations.

Or just click here.