David Choe on artist Derek Weisberg


Derek Weisberghas a show opening atAnno Domini in San Jose, Californiain February of 2011, but David Choe wanted to say something to introduce Derek to us before the show gets too near.

Weisberg has shown at Space 1026 and Rowan Morrison in the past, and this will be his second show at Anno Domini.

Here are David Choe’s words:

i met this kid derek years ago in oaklandhe had his art right next door to the korean cultural centerwhere i would blast on drums,the people that owned that gallery would always complain about thenoise. and i was all like whatever art fags, and would never go in there, but then one dayi did and saw derek’s three dimensional ceramic masterpieces and was blown away,the hands, the faces, the gestures, he was doing in scuplture what i loved about paintingshe was able to capture a real human expressions and experience through his work, and immediately i wanted to trade art with him,if your in the bay go check out derek , his art keeps getting better. but dont touch it, it’s fragileyou break it you buy it

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