Welcome to the chronicles of my life and my new website

Hello All,

Thanks for checking out the new website and all of the new features and new content. I am very excited about the new website. It will be an all inclusive platform for my work and the world it and I live in. Some of the new features are:

  1. You can “like” on Facebook any and all images, so please do that and let me know which are your favorite pieces.
  2. You can see what work is available for purchasing and where to go about doing that.
  3. You can see up to date work made from this year, excluding what is in my studio now.
  4. You can see what the world is saying about my work, and see most of the press that I am getting, under the Hoopla section.
  5. You can follow me and my life here in the Chronicles section, here, as I attempt to blog-up my life and give you insight into my daily activities. Now, you all know, or should know, that I make stuff from the primordial material of clay, and am a real earthling , and fussing and fiddling around on this digital box is not my favorite thing to do. but I will try to hop on here and give you regular updates for you to follow along with.
  6. There is a great video interview done by my good friend and good dood Daniel Vigil, if you have 10 minutes to check it out you can get a really good look at me working in my Oakland studio (which I no longer have, sine I am living and working In NY) and talking about my work in an in depth way.

Thank you all for checking out the new site and everything here. I hope you enjoy all the new content and the interactive qualities. and thank you all for your continued support!

I hope you are all well! until the next entry!

Peace, Derek