I’m headed to the “Minne” (Minneapolis)

Thursday morning bright and early I will be headed to Minneapolis where upon arrival I will be giving a lecture at the Northern Clay center. I will stay through the weekend and attend the exhibition opening of, “Self Contained”, which I will have 7 new works included. In between the Lecture and the opening, you will find me at the Walker Museum, The 5th Element, Muddy Waters, and wondering the streets of Minnesnowda (thank goodness its not the winter). More pictures and documentation to follow, upon my arrival back to NY.

Here’s all the info you need on the Northern Clay Center and the show:

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Nancy Smith from Art Lovers NY reviews Porcelain Promises

Nancy Smith of Art Lovers New York Blog visited my show Porcelain Promises and did a quick review, peep it:

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Shaun Roberts is the man! promo video for Porcelain Promises at GHP

A few months ago, Shaun Robertscame out to my studio in NY. We hung out, chatted, art, ideas, life, we explored the city, and he took some AMAZING shots of my studio and me working. His photographs are sexy and mysterious, grimy and gorgeous. He put some of them together in this absolutely beautiful, and thoughtful video. He was able to capture in the photographs and video, many ideas and concerns that I have with my sculpture. Watch and enjoy this visual candy!

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Clay’s Forgiveness, feature on HandEye magazine, by Rebeca Schiller

“I love how finicky and difficult porcelain is to hand build and sculpt with; it presents nice and fun challenges. In its finickiness, the clay can crack easily, and I have been playing with these cracks.”

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Ransom Notes feature

Stacey Ransom, was super kind and posted some images of my work, and some nice words to go along with them. She asked me a few questions, about “Porcelain Promises”, what I’ve been up to, what I have coming up and am working on. Check it out below, and check out her site ransom notes its rad, and Stacey is doing her thing!!! Thanks Stacey!!!

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Porcelain Promises, solo show at GHP Storefront Gallery March 1st

I am putting the final touches on my first solo show in NY. It will be taking place at the Greenwich House Pottery’s Storefront Gallery. On March 1st from 6-8pm. I will be creating a small scale site specific installation; somewhere between altar, “tomb”, street scene/urban landscape, place of worship or reflection, and sculpture. I hope you can join me March 1st, if not i will post pictures.

ALL the Pow Wow you want and need!

So I attempted to give you a glimpse into Pow Wo 2012. But my attempt pales in comparison to the real deal coverage that went down. So if you want to see more and get a fuller sense of the week in Hawaii and Pow Wow 2012 check out these blogs.

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Pow Wow Hawaii 2012

POW WOW is a gathering of contemporary artists that engages with the broader community in the process and creation of art.

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Pow Wow Hawaii 2012 just about a week away

On February 13th I will be heading to Hawaii to participate in Pow Wow Hawaii 2012: POW WOW IS A GATHERING OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS THAT ENGAGES WITH THE BROADER COMMUNITY IN THE PROCESS AND CREATION OF ART. From February 13 to 18, 2012, Honolulu will host over thirty artists from around the world. Opening and closing events will be held at Loft in Space, with the production of art being done all over the streets of Kaka’ako. During Pow Wow, the community is encouraged to interact with visiting artists in a creative environment. I am honored and excited to be participating in this amazing event, with amazing artists, organizers and sponsors. I will be working, live, on a 300 lb sculpture, which will exist only for the week of Pow Wow.

Kim Ronemus visited Greenwich House Pottery a few weeks ago and included my studio in her visit

Recently I ventured down to Jones Street (in Greenwich Village) to tour through Greenwich House. The director, Adam Welch, met us inside the brick building that immediately made me want to throw on my third grade smock and get creative.

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Obi Kaufmann came to visit my studio and wrote a very nice little something;

A lot of my community efforts in the Oakland scene were inspired by this guy – artist Derek Weisberg. As cofounder of Boontling (one of the original Art Murmur galleries), Derek – then 21, now 27 – imagined a hang out spot and a network of creative types in an atmosphere that was casual and the opposite of what most people think of as the snooty gallery scene.

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First 6 months in NY

Here are some pictures from the first 6 months of my new life in NY.

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