Oxheart and Quite Lunch presents The Gowanus 13

This coming Sunday, October 13th, I will be participating in a show hosted by Oxheart and Quite Lunch. The Gowanus 13 , a celebration of music, art and the number 13 will take place in Brooklyn at Littlefield 622 Degraw st!

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Studio visit with Jen Sessions and Galerie Project

Big thanks to Jen Sessions from Galerie Project who stopped by my studio a few weeks ago. We spent some time chatting about lineage, material, and of course hip hop. Check out the visit and interview here:

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Mutual Friends, opens August 23rd

Mutual Friends, the show I am participating in Halifax Canada at Parentheses Gallery opens tomorrow night August 23rd. Peep it

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American Museum of Ceramic Art Aquisition

The American Museum of Ceramic Art acquired one of my works recently. “Sepiatone Saturdays” from my Victoria Everlasting exhibition at Anno Domini gallery in 2008. Thank you AMOCA and John Toki!

A few pictures from my Wes Smoot adventure

A few pictures of the EO 49 adventure to CA, preparations and installations of the exhibition

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Wes Smoot and the 49ers opens June 7th

Wes Smoot and the 49ers opens June 7th at Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose CA

Wes Smoot and the 49ers, opens June 7th

Mis-fit show opened tonight at Parentheses Gallery

I am in a group show at Parentheses Gallery in Halifax which opened today 5/25/13, A show that celebrates the idea of misfits: misfit artists. Misfit musicians and misfit pieces of artwork. That one piece that sits outside of an artists usual practice or body of work. Be it part of a sculpture that was never used. A work in a medium they just had to try. Perhaps it was an experiment that opened up a new way of creating. Or not. Maybe it is a finished idea. Then again maybe not. But that piece sits on its own and is special.

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Upcoming ArtPadSF with Spoke Art

This weekend May 16th – May 19th I will have 2 works showing with Spoke Art Gallery at ArtPad SF. Go check out the Phoenix Hotel in SF Room #47 and check out 2 pieces from my “Dead Rapper” series.

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Show at Hunter College, with Arthur Gonzalez and Claudia Alvarez

ARTHUR GONZALEZ “STUMP!” featuring: Derek Weisberg and Claudia Alvarez. Thomas Hunter Project space at Hunter College. Opening February 16th 6:30 – 8:30 pm

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The Wild Magazine, Feature!

Sculptor Derek Weisberg, Takes Manhattan, And All Surrounding Boroughs

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Belle Foundation 2012 Individual Grant Recipient

An absolute surprise and incredible honor: I opened my mail last week to find an envelop containing a congratulatory letter informing me that I was a recipient of an Individual Grant from the Belle Foundation. This is an honor and grant that I did not apply for nor do I know anyone who nominated me or how I was even selected. The letter stated “You have been chosen for this award as an artist who is genuinely committed to his work, and as someone who demonstrates significant potential for continued growth and accomplishment in the field of the arts”

I am still in a slight state of shock and elation. THANK YOU Belle Foundation, for this honor and your support. . . . whoever you are!